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ATRIAS robot walking outside.

6 February 2020


Cooperation work with research group Dr. Jonathan Hurst (OSU, Portland, USA), and Dr. Monica Daley (RVC, London, UK). ATRIAS robot, walking at the RVC. Related publications: (1) Renjewski, Daniel, Alexander Spröwitz, Andrew Peekema, Mikhail Jones, and Jonathan Hurst. “Exciting Engineered Passive Dynamics in a Bipedal Robot.” IEEE Transactions on Robotics 31, no. 5 (September 16, 2015): 1244--1251. (2) Hubicki, Christian, Jesse Grimes, Mikhail Jones, Daniel Renjewski, Alexander Spröwitz, Andy Abate, and Jonathan Hurst. “ATRIAS: Design and Validation of a Tether-Free 3D-Capable Spring-Mass Bipedal Robot.” The International Journal of Robotics Research 35, no. 12 (October 1, 2016): 1497–1521.