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Cheetah-cub running in hallway

26 July 2016


Work at Biorob / EPFL with Cheetah-cub running with 5.1 body length per second (1.04m/s) in the hallway. Gait is trot gait. There are no 3d constraints, the power cable is held loosely and used for steering only. Published in: Spröwitz, A.; Tuleu, A.; Vespignani, M.; Ajallooeian, M.; Badri, E.; Ijspeert, A. J.: Towards Dynamic Trot Gait Locomotion: Design, Control, and Experiments with Cheetah-cub, a Compliant Quadruped Robot. The International Journal of Robotics Research 32 (8), pp. 932-950 (2013)