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Exciting Engineered Passive Dynamics in a Bipedal Robot




A common approach in designing legged robots is to build fully actuated machines and control the machine dynamics entirely in soft- ware, carefully avoiding impacts and expending a lot of energy. However, these machines are outperformed by their human and animal counterparts. Animals achieve their impressive agility, efficiency, and robustness through a close integration of passive dynamics, implemented through mechanical components, and neural control. Robots can benefit from this same integrated approach, but a strong theoretical framework is required to design the passive dynamics of a machine and exploit them for control. For this framework, we use a bipedal spring–mass model, which has been shown to approximate the dynamics of human locomotion. This paper reports the first implementation of spring–mass walking on a bipedal robot. We present the use of template dynamics as a control objective exploiting the engineered passive spring–mass dynamics of the ATRIAS robot. The results highlight the benefits of combining passive dynamics with dynamics-based control and open up a library of spring–mass model-based control strategies for dynamic gait control of robots.

Author(s): Renjewski, Daniel and Spröwitz, Alexander and Peekema, Andrew and Jones, Mikhail and Hurst, Jonathan
Journal: {IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation}
Volume: 31
Number (issue): 5
Pages: 1244--1251
Year: 2015
Publisher: IEEE

Department(s): Dynamic Locomotion
Research Project(s): Trunk influence in bipedal locomotion
Bibtex Type: Article (article)
Paper Type: Journal

Address: New York, NY
DOI: 10.1109/TRO.2015.2473456
ISBN: ISSN: 1552-3098
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/7270326/


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